1407.Port Canaveral-948953 years of superior construction providing general contracting, at-risk construction management and design/build services to public and private clients. Our visions, standards and goals are to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget projects to each and every client.

Through our strength, flexibility, leadership, reputation and passion for our community, we are committed to providing services of which we can be proud.

Ensuring Quality. Each of our projects have the same basic premise: vision of clients wants; expertise in both design and construction assessment; development of key team including subcontractors; skill in guiding, communicating and motivation; and always have pride in the quality of work.

Building Safely. W&J has established and are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees, project personnel, clients and members of the general public that will be affected by our construction projects.

Our philosophy: Safety is a fundamental belief and shared responsibility of each employee regardless of position or job description. Each person accepts their role and insists that others do the same.

Work environment. W&J has an internal philosophy that rewards teamwork, inspires leadership and values family which helps us retain top talent.