Sun Nuclear Assembly Building

The Sun Nuclear Corporation Assembly Building is a 16,000 sf full-featured manufacturing facility including receiving, material storage, product assembly, quality control, testing, and shipping areas. Scheduling and phasing of the project was unique, as it required demolition of an existing building exceptfor a 1600 sf linear accelerator vault/control area around which the new building was built. The area to remain was contained within a temporary weatherproof shell and supplied with power, water, air conditioning and additional utility support to maintain safe access and full functionality for the Owner throughout the entire new construction process. This allowed the Owner to maintain their production schedule and goals. As the new building was completed, the temporary shell and utilities were disconnected and the linear accelerator vault/control area was incorporated into the new building. Additionally, just-in-time scheduling was extensively applied to address limited lay down area; the site was small and located immediately adjacent to the Owner’s active delivery and manufacturing areas.

Structural features included textured tilt wall construction, steel/bar joist framing, and lightweight concrete roof. Architectural/MEP features included a Class 10000 Clean Room, cable tray systems, compressed air systems, pre-action fire suppression/alarm system, all LED lighting, and extensive use of epoxy and concrete densifier floor finishes.

Melbourne, FL

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