Melbourne Airport Cargo Facility & Hangar

New construction of a Cargo Hangar and Facility was completed in 2014 for the Melbourne Airport Authority. This 78,260 square foot hangar consists of one high-bay and one low-bay designed to accommodate two bridge cranes and 5,000 pound point load attachments for fall protection. Two interior pods were designed for tool and parts rooms as well as office space. Sliding 250 feet, the 10-panel hangar door has a tail door that operates independently.

The hangar slab on grade is comprised of variable slab thicknesses ranging from 6” thick to 18” thick, all using steel fiber reinforcing. (Thicker concrete is required for the point loading of the 747 while offices and restrooms don’t require such a base.) Thousands of dollars were realized in grading the concrete.

1401 General Aviation Dr.

 Melbourne, FL 32935

Aerial Gallery

General Gallery