Astronauts Memorial, KSC

The Astronauts Memorial at NASA’s Spaceport USA, Kennedy Space Center is the national memorial honoring those who gave their life in pursuit of space exploration.  W & J Construction was contracted to develop the site and build the foundation for this fitting memorial.  The memorial is designed to be a view of the astronauts’ world:  the sky and beyond. A creation of a home in the heavens for the memories of the fallen astronauts.

The names of the astronauts are cut into the face of the sky—the mirror which reflects the sky and lit by sunlight reflected through them from behind.  The sunlight is caught and diffused by glass inserts which fill the stenciled letter forms, causing the names to glow.  The sky (reflecting mirror) is composed of highly polished granite slabs set onto a framework which eternally tracks the sun. This way the memories of the astronauts will live on among the stars they sought to reach.