President’s Message

I am Nick Witek and have worked for W&J Construction since 1980. In 1999 I became President and Owner of W&J Construction Corporation. That was the year that our founder, Ed Wike, retired. I thought I’d take a few moments to explain to our customers, suppliers and subcontractors where our company came from and where it is going.

Ed Wike is a remarkable and no-nonsense man who based this company on a few simple concepts, hard work and value for the customer. There’s a story about this that I think epitomizes how he thought and how our company operates.

Back in 1987, W&J was called in to try to value engineer the Childrens’ Treatment Center for the Devereux Foundation. The fourteen-building private facility, which was severely over-budget, was to play a key role in preparing autistic children to re-enter the mainstream of the public education system. One of the major cost savings items ($50,000) was to change the desired barrel tiled roof to shingles. While the aesthetics of the campus were compromised, the savings brought the project within budget and allowed it to go forward. Ed was not satisfied with what had to be changed, so he directed us to work overtime on our estimate to fine-tune the costs of our self performed work. In so doing, we found a less expensive approach to the concrete work.

At the Ground Breaking ceremony, when asked to say a few words, Ed announced that W&J would include the barrel tiled roof at no additional cost to the Owner. Ed made the decision to provide the Devereux Foundation better value instead of increasing W&J profits. The sincere appreciation expressed by the Devereux Foundation was overwhelming. They could once again have the campus as they envisioned it for so long.

Value-added means something to W&J. We have always tried to find ways to give the customer the most value for his dollar. We have focused on this tenet for the last 46 years. We understand the importance of repeat business and a close customer relationship based on trust and value. We are proud of our commitment to our customers, our community, and everyone we work with.

W&J is not always the lowest bidder on every job. But we guarantee value and quality in everything we do. Our subcontractors are among the finest available and we are proud of our relationships and commitment to them as well. Where we can, we use our own manpower to add savings and shorten scheduling difficulties. I believe we have one of the best construction teams in the state, from estimating to punch-out, in terms of experience and willingness to work hard. This team would not have flourished if not for the high quality standards set by Ed Wike.

As the current President and Owner of W&J Construction Corporation, I want to reiterate the commitment to quality and value that Ed Wike built this business on. Since 1980, I have personally been a part of every major project, as has the core management team of the company today. W&J has not always been in the news, but we have always delivered on our promises, contracts and commitments.

We have received many comments from people who have viewed our website. They express their surprise at the magnitude and diversity of work we have accomplished over the years. We look forward to a continuing close relationship with our customers, and we hope to develop new customers that are interested in the quality and value that W&J brings to a project.



Nick Witek